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Parents’ Council Working Committee (FAU)

All parents who have a child at a school are members of the school’s parents’ council. The parents’ council elects a working committee (Norwegian abbreviation FAU), which represents the voice of the parents with respect to the school. The working committee is responsible for ensuring that parents have a real influence and is also jointly responsible for ensuring that the pupils’ learning environment is secure and good.

It is up to each individual school to organise elections for class contacts and representatives for the working committee. In connection with this, it is important that all parents are well informed about the tasks of the elected representatives and that an emphasis is placed on continuity in the working committee. Guidelines for elections should be prepared in writing and form part of the working committee’s articles of association.
Working environment committees are founded on Section 11-4 of the Norwegian Education Act.

Relevant tasks for working committees

  • Working committees should work to ensure a secure and safe learning environment. Well-being is important in children’s learning.
  • Working committees can become involved in assessment of the school.
  • Working committees can work to ensure a school environment that is free from bullying.
  • Working committees can work to improve social initiatives for the pupils.
  • Working committees can hold courses for parent contacts.
  • Working committees can hold meetings for parents and teachers.
  • Working committees can act as an information channel for all guardians.
Working committees should cooperate with the pupils’ council and the school’s management and employees. Working committees can also have contact with groups, organisations and businesses in their local area.
Working committees should represent all parents at the school and contribute to ensuring a beneficial and productive partnership between home and school.