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Rights and laws

Parents have primary responsibility for their children and therefore also the right to be involved in and have a say in their school. The basic premise of the entire primary and lower secondary education sector is that education at school must take place in a partnership and understanding with the home.

Children have a number of fundamental rights at school:

  • Everyone is entitled to a physical and psychosocial school environment that promotes health, wellbeing and learning.
  • Teachers who teach at school must possess relevant academic and pedagogic skills.
  • The education must be individually adapted to the abilities and circumstances of the pupils.
  • Pupils are entitled to free public primary and lower secondary education.
  • Pupils who do not benefit from an ordinary education are entitled to a special education.
Parents who believe their child’s rights are being infringed can complain. They should complain to the school in the first instance, then to the municipal authority and ultimately to the County Governor, who is the final appeal body.